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Terumah is a Hebrew word, originally meaning lifted apart, but meaning donation in modern Hebrew. It can refer to: Terumah (offering), a type of sacrifice in the Hebrew Bible

Terumah - another way to look at giving

Listen to Shane Willards teaching on generosity to understand the principal of Terumah.


In a nut-shell:

Terumah was 1/40th which went to the priest. It is the smallest, let most sacred part of the tithe.


With what was left, the Maaser Rishon was 10% that went to the church.


Then, with the balance, the Maaser Sheni was 10% that went to one’s self. This was investing, or saving for a rainy day, retirement or the children’s inheritance.


Finally the Maaser Ani, every third ‘self tithe’ was given to the poor.


This is what the Terumah would look like with an income of $1000.           

  • Terumah              $25.00 Priest

  • Maaser Rishon  $97.50 Church

  • Maaser Sheni     $58.50 Self

  • Maaser Ani         $29.25 Poor


God's people understood this as being responsible for my community, my family, the poor and myself!

If you would like to incorperate Terumah in to your giving, we have included a downloadable simple Excel calculator here. 

You can set up automatic payments through your online banking. 

Maaser Rishon


Please include your name as particulars and your donations number* as a reference.



*Donation numbers are given so that we can send you a tax receipt at the end of the financial year. 

If you don't already have a donations number, you can email our treasurer to obtain one.

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